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The electronic translator industry is currently experiencing a period of rapid growth. Manufacturers are innovating at an incredible pace and creating devices that make real-time translation not only feasible, but also, finally, almost as accurate as human translation.

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Photo -Vasco Translator Premium 5''

Vasco Translator Premium 5''

Is a multipurpose device equipped with a handy display. Just like Vasco Mini 2, Vasco Translator Premium 5' supports more than 50 languages and allows you to have conversations between several users speaking different languages. Anyone who had a chance to work in an international team realizes how problematic can day-to-day communication prove. That is why Vasco Electronics equipped its product with MultiTalk- a function, which allows you to have fast and fluent multilingual conversations with several people at the same time. Thanks to the so-called photo-translator, Vasco Translator Premium 5' is also capable of translating text from photographs. Compared to similar translators by rival-manufacturers, Vasco Translator Premium 5' stands out thanks to: excellent translation accuracy, flawless pronunciation, easy and intuitive operation, in-built SIM-card, voice-recording function which allows to translate lectures and presentations, capability to purchase and deliver translations via additional scanner.

What do we like about Vasco Translator Premium 5'? The device is capable of translating text from photographs and making lives of multilingual teams easier thanks to the MultiTalk function.

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