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The electronic translator industry is currently experiencing a period of rapid growth. Manufacturers are innovating at an incredible pace and creating devices that make real-time translation not only feasible, but also, finally, almost as accurate as human translation.

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8. Photo -Ectaco Partner 900 PRO

Ectaco Partner 900 PRO

Is another device that supports English and Polish and proves helpful in language learning. Thanks to an in-built dictionary with a bank of 747 000 items, the device proves capable of translating both basic phrases and complex sentences. The translator is dedicated to language learners. Ectaco 900 Pro allows users to learn languages by playing, accessing interactive courses, classes, games and exercises.

What do we like about the Ectaco 900 Pro? The device is equipped with a comprehensive dictionary and allows you to learn by playing.

Translation Accuracy

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Voice Recognition

Full Sentence Tranlation