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The electronic translator industry is currently experiencing a period of rapid growth. Manufacturers are innovating at an incredible pace and creating devices that make real-time translation not only feasible, but also, finally, almost as accurate as human translation.

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Photo -Vasco Mini 2

Vasco Mini 2

Thanks to an in-built SIM card and fixed internet connection, Vasco Mini 2 is ready to operate in no more than a few seconds no matter where you are. Capable of delivering unlimited translations at no additional cost, Vasco Mini 2 is currently the most advanced electronic translator available on the market. There is no need to top up your account or purchase a subscription. The device operates in 150 countries across the world ensuring comfortable communication in more than 50 languages.

Fitted with a noise-cancelling microphone, Vasco Mini 2 offers greater translation accuracy and allows users to have two-way conversations and pronounce both words and sentences on a native-speaker level.

This electronic voice-translator weighs just 70 g and is small enough to fit any pocket. The manufacturer made sure Vasco Mini 2 has a friendly user-interface you can access on a 2'' touchscreen.

What do we like about Vasco Mini 2? This translator offers the best price-performance ration, ease of use and unlimited internet-access for translations.

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