Changes and new trends in the ...

Changes and new trends in the 2017 Electronic Translator market

Do you also have a feeling that from year to year, there are products of technology that youve seen somewhere before? More precisely, I mean - youve seen them in science fiction films?

Babel fish - ear translator and interpreter, can it already be available this year?

Is it this year that we will see a proper release of the anticipated by many devices for translating? Everything seems to indicate so. The technology, which is designed to enable communication between two people who speak different languages ​​and in real time is at hand.

Announced pompously in the summer of 2016, the premiere of illi did not come to fruition. Maybe this year the company will surprise us and we will be able to ask a girl for a kiss who does not speak our language using a small gadget attached to our neck? The ili advertising campaign of 2016 seemed very promising.

Another novelty in the market of electronic translators may turn out to be a small earpiece called Pilot. Its modernistic appearance looks a bit like a small fish from the novel The Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy. The task of the earpiece is to translate in real-time during a conversation between two people who do not speak the same language. Here again we have a rather interesting and romantic advert about love beyond borders. The premiere of the device is planned for May 2017 but so far the manufacturer has only managed to collect money from potential customers.

According to unofficial information obtained from Vasco Electronics, we learned that they too, are planning to launch a device with an earpiece, which will allow two people or even more to communicate in different languages with each other. The manufacturer announces its premiere of the device as early as May of this year. So we see here a real arms race between companies specializing in the production of electronic translators. Which one will be the best and succeed in releasing their translating device on the market quickly and efficiently? Or maybe someone else will surprise us?

For a real simultaneity of these devices we will most likely have to wait a few more years, but the present form of translation speed is very impressive!

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How to buy an electronic translator?

How to buy an electronic translator?

Have you ever travelled abroad? Have you ever tried to communicate in a language you can’t actually say a single word? Electronic translators are a real help in such situations. Having a translator, you don’t need to worry about heavy dictionaries or phrasebooks, and you don’t have to struggle with yourself to find the word you lack on the tip of your tongue. All you have to do is to say or type the word into a translator, and after a couple of seconds you will have it translated into the language you need. The market is brimming with various electronic translators. Do you know what to look at in order to choose the best one? Here are a few tips:


First of all, just check the language used in the country you’re going to. The first feature you should look for when buying a translator is the languages it translates. You don’t need an English to French translator when going to Russia, right? If you travel a lot, the best option is to buy a multilingual electronic translator. Is the vocabulary limited in multilingual versions? It depends. Usually, it’s not.


Second, answer the question about whether you want your electronic translator to recognize speech. Cutting-edge technology allows you to speak to the device, not just type. Sounds awesome? Still, this is the reality. Say “hello”, you’ll get “ciao” in Italian in less than 2 seconds! Remember, speech recognition technology is quite new. It still requires connection to the Internet. If not, the accuracy goes down.


Imagine you’re in hospital in Laos. How could you understand what’s wrong if your translator does not have medical words? Therefore, the range of vocabulary is also a very important feature of an electronic translator. The variety of words you can find guarantees also the accuracy of translation.


You don’t want to offend anybody with an inaccurate translation. That’s why you have to choose a device with an as accurate machine translation engine as possible. The new trend in machine translation is statistical translation. This means that the translator just looks up databases in order to find the most accurate translation. The larger the database, the more accurate the translation can be. Remember, the largest language databases still need to be looked up online, thus the translator needs the Internet.


Perhaps you are learning a language and you think you don’t need a translator? You’re wrong. Electronic translators are often equipped with many applications to facilitate learning new languages. Such apps speak to you, test your grammar, and check your knowledge of vocabulary. You can forget boring books, just take a translator on the bus or train, and learn even more efficiently.
To sum up, electronic translators are for anyone who even has the slightest contact with foreign languages. You are sure to find the one which suits your needs best. This ranking will help you do it.


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