Dubai — why visit? GITEX and o...

Dubai — why visit? GITEX and other news

Dubai — why visit? GITEX and other news

A lot has been going on in Dubai lately, including one of the biggest and most significant technology fairs in the world called GITEX. Nevertheless, Dubai is a hot city in general — not only when it comes to the weather. It attracts a host of tourists from all around the world, looking to feel the thrill of the famous safari rides along with the opportunity to climb the tallest construction in the world, Burj Khalifa. This city is also an attractive destination for the likes of business professionals and investors and, being a truly international city, it welcomes people from all around the globe.

It’s safe to say that going to Dubai qualifies as a once-in-a-lifetime experience or something that is definitely worth putting on your bucket list. In addition to all that, this United Arab Emirates city hosts a number of appealing events, focusing, for instance, on new technologies, artistic endeavors, or solving the world’s biggest challenges. In this post, we will dive deeper into that topic, focusing on GITEX 2021 and EXPO 2020 Dubai.

GITEX 2021 — what’s new

GITEX is an annual trade show that attracts a host of innovative companies from all around the world. In addition to that, it also welcomes various government entities and business professionals. GITEX 2021 is, therefore, a great opportunity for innovative ideas and solutions to catch the attention of investors and, as a consequence, the spotlight they deserve.

The 2021 edition saw exhibitions from big players, such as Red Hat, small Silicon Valley startups and other companies, all of which had something compelling to show. This year’s edition of GITEX lasted almost a week (from 17 to 21 October) and could be deemed as very successful.

Cutting-edge handheld translator devices at GITEX

One of the most interesting companies presenting at the fairs was Vasco Electronics, an organization specializing in producing and distributing handheld translator devices. Their products provide users with the ability to understand over 70 languages as well as giving them free unlimited and lifetime internet in as many as 200 countries — with the United Arab Emirates included, where costs of using the internet are very high, especially if you’re planning to communicate with a smartphone app which requires Wi-Fi or, unfortunately, your own data.

Vasco Mini 2 and Vasco Translator M3 are different from other handheld translator devices, because they provide free lifetime internet with no limit. Other devices put limits on a SIM card, which makes it necessary to pay more for the data after this limit is reached. In that case, such a handheld translator seems like a very reasonable solution. If this is compelling enough, the devices produced by Vasco are currently present in the b8ta shop in the Dubai Mall — the biggest shopping center in the world.

GITEX and EXPO 2020

In addition to GITEX 2021, tourists can visit another vibrant and interesting event — EXPO 2020. It is a gathering of 192 exhibition pavilions made by countries from all over the world. Each pavilion showcases the culture and a vision of development of their respective country in an artistic and fascinating manner. EXPO 2020 is also designed to provide a room for discussion about the world’s most important issues and challenges. Among the most attractive exhibitions are, for instance, Rainforest in the Desert from Singapore or Poem Pavilion, a building inspired by the late British scientist Stephen Hawking, which is representing the United Kingdom.


Handheld translator at EXPO 2020 Dubai

The EXPO 2020 fair started on October 1, so it happened to be taking place at the same time as GITEX. Its mission to “connect minds” was fulfilled when one of the companies from the technology fair equipped the Polish exhibition pavilion with their handheld translator devices — we’re talking, of course, about Vasco Electronics.

Providing translation from and to over 70 languages, these devices helped the members of the Polish pavilion significantly, as they had to communicate with people from all over the globe (it is highly unlikely that each representative could understand most of the languages in the world).

Dubai — why is it worth visiting?

Dubai is a fast-growing city which attracts a big number of different business professionals, investors and innovators. In addition to well-known leisure activities, such as safari and balloon rides, the city is a place of innovation and development. It is a great destination, if you’re looking to unwind, relax and forget about your work on holidays, but also when you want to get inspired and reinvent yourself. Dubai is a truly international city and a place where many people from all over the world can meet and speak with each other. So, regardless of the goal of your trip, don’t forget about a handheld translator device. Smartphone apps may generate way higher costs, mainly because the internet in Dubai is very costly.

It’s always better to have a device that has a built-in SIM card with the free internet. And it’s absolutely the best to have a handheld translator device that offers unlimited and lifetime internet access, like Vasco Translator M3 and Vasco Mini 2.

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How to buy an electronic translator?

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Second, answer the question about whether you want your electronic translator to recognize speech. Cutting-edge technology allows you to speak to the device, not just type. Sounds awesome? Still, this is the reality. Say “hello”, you’ll get “ciao” in Italian in less than 2 seconds! Remember, speech recognition technology is quite new. It still requires connection to the Internet. If not, the accuracy goes down.


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