Langogo Genesis

Langogo Genesis



Langogo Genesis



  • number of languages.

  • no SIM card included, no free Internet trial period, short battery time.

To start on a positive note, this device supports over a 100 (mostly Asian) languages. What certainly surprised us was that it allows for sharing the translations, a feature otherwise available only with much more advanced translators than Langogo. We take it as a hopeful sign that the manufacturer will continue investing and developing this device - we will definitely be on the lookout for further versions!

On the other hand, this product is clearly aimed at the local Asian customer rather than Europe or America. The menu is available in a wide array of Asian languages, and only a small bunch of others (English, Spanish, French, German). If we may give some advice to the manufacturer, we suggest adding the menu, customer service and instructions in more European languages. This one has the shortest battery life of all included in this list, barely enough for a day out sightseeing while abroad, so leave the hotel room at your own risk!

And, last but not least, the biggest issue of all - you guessed it, connectivity! How is the translator supposed to work if it does not come with a SIM card? You can either get one on your own, or buy one from the device’s manufacturer. The Langogo SIM card will work in 72 countries for a cost of about 4$ (3.58 €) a month, but it offers no free trial period. In other words, even to try and see if the device actually does its job, you need to commit separately and invest in a SIM card, which may cause you unexpected costs if traveling to remote destinations.


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