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Travis Touch Go



  • translates with acceptable quality.

  • false claim of the number of translation engines used, and no mention at all about the translation accuracy rate, which both are crucial information for a conscious user of electronic translators.

This was a device we were quite in a pickle with. On the one hand, it looks smart, and the manufacturer boasts an almost impossible number of languages (155), but on the other hand, translations to and from some of them are of really bad quality. Additionally, more than 20 of the languages are only available for written translation, as they do not have speech recognition or pronunciation available. For a speech translator, this is a huge downside.

Do not get us wrong, the device… works. It performs its only job, the translations are sufficient - even if not flawless - and that is it. And while we might have been convinced to turn a blind eye to this small inconvenience, we cannot not notice the abyss between Travis’ and other leading producers’ offer when it comes to Internet access (without which no electronic translator can actually work). Travis Touch Go comes equipped with a SIM card with 1GB data, which is only available for 1 month from purchase (or shorter, if the user manages to use it up). Then, the user needs to renew the data package for 24$ per year, however it again gives them only 1GB, meaning that if you use the translator often you will need to buy extra data packages all the time! This is hard to explain given the easily available solutions the other competitors provide.


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