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The electronic translator industry is currently experiencing a period of rapid growth. Manufacturers are innovating at an incredible pace and creating devices that make real-time translation not only feasible, but also, finally, almost as accurate as human translation.

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Our best of electronic translators in 2019. We serve the facts, you make the choice.

The electronic translator industry is currently experiencing a period of rapid growth. Manufacturers are innovating at an incredible pace and creating devices that make real-time translation not only feasible, but also, finally, almost as accurate as human translation.

With the advent of better technology at large (noise reducing microphones, smaller devices, better software, etc.) and AI, electronic translators have gone from adequate to outstanding. Unfortunately, the market is also swamped with bad translators— some can’t even be called proper translators; they are devices you attach to your smartphone and operate through an app (which sometimes contains malware). Other translators are decent, or even great, but you have to pay for SIM cards and expensive internet services overseas to be able to use them. What seemed like an inexpensive device suddenly turns into a money pit. That’s why we decided to rank translators based on:

  • speed and accuracy of translation
  • features
  • cost (additional add ons, need to pay for internet, etc.)
  • ease of use and durability of the device

Naturally, to be able to rank on our list, the device has to be an electronic translator, not a glorified speaker attached to your smartphone and operated through an app. So, without further ado, have a look at our list of some of the best electronic translators on the market today—you can be sure these translators are of good quality and come from reputable companies.

ili – is it worth investing in a product that doesn’t exist?

In recent times, a plethora of startups have been successful across the world. What are they? How do they work? Are they fair? Why are they so popular and profitable? In this blog, we take a closer look at this phenomenon. I’ve investigated examples of electronic translators and must admit to being inspired by this year’s hype about Logbar’s ili and Waverly Labs’ The Pilot that were hailed as science fiction coming to life.

Startup and crowdfunding – what are they?

At the core of every startup lies a fantastic idea – a person or group of people behind an idea try to make their way from rags to riches without any venture capital. All they have is zealous optimism.

In case of services, a computer program or an application, this sounds quite plausible. You don’t need a factory, an assembly line, physical workers – sometimes all you need is you.

Nevertheless, to create a touchable product, the old way of thinking is needed to make the idea profitable. Methods of raising funds vary from credits, through business angels to crowdfunding, with the latter reaching a whole new level in the Internet era. A huge amount of money can be raised from indiscriminate people across the world – you just need to convince them that what you’re going to do is one of most innovative ideas of all time. However, it’s not so easy to be paid for a non-existent product – it takes time and effort … but it can be done.

Even though potential customers risk a lot, they still buy things that are haven’t even been produced. Sometimes, the product’s life ends with a nice image and a video promoting its virtues – with people who have already paid for left without the item and without the money they original paid.

SIGMO – more than 3,000 people deceived

One of the most famous cases is an attempt to produce the SIGMO translator. An extremely colorful and well-prepared campaign duped 3,371 people into sponsoring a product that has never come into being. The SIGMO team raised almost $250,000 from trusting customers via the popular crowdfunding portal Indiegogo, while assuming that production would only cost $15,000.

The company promised to launch its device in 2014 … but it never happened. At the beginning, the premiere was postponed, and then postponed again. It’s been almost three years now, and the people who “bought” the translator have no choice but to leave negative feedback on the crowdfunding page. Those people who invested from $1 to $4,100 now want to get their money back – but SIGMO isn’t showing any signs of life.

The famous “Babel Fish” – an earpiece translator

Another product in our well-known category of translators that continues to inspire people’s imagination is The Pilot. The famous “Babel Fish” looks like a gadget out of science fiction due to its shape and use. Its premiere, however, has already been rescheduled three times! It should have been produced in September 2016, but was postponed until May 2017. While in March 2017, it was announced that The Pilot won’t be ready until autumn 2017. Is this the final due date? We really can’t be sure.

Waverly Labs, the company responsible for the idea, is a startup funded by the generosity of its sponsors. The project raised the incredible amount of $4,424,256, with almost 20,000 people wanting to buy The Pilot for $199 per item. By the end of the summer holidays, we will know whether Waverly Labs will have kept its promise and sent its magical translator to customers.

We’ll also know whether the device works as described in its advertising. Andrew Ochoa, the company’s CEO, interviewed by Forbes, says: “This thing isn’t the Babel Fish, it is only going to work in certain conditions”. What are these “certain conditions”? He doesn’t explain.

I tried to contact Waverly Labs about The Pilot and I even visited their office in Brooklyn. I got no response and found nobody there – the address given as Waverly Labs’ headquarters is just a space with offices for rent.

ili – a translator that doesn’t exist

In 2015, a company named Logbar started a campaign to produce a translation device. Their potential product called ili was about to revolutionize the world according to Logbar’s promo videos. In January 2016, during the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas, Logbar announced it would launch its product during summer. Since then, we haven’t heard anything about it at all.

I still can’t verify whether Logbar is looking for sponsors or customers. If you have any news – please let me know. My email is jimmy.j.draper@gmail.com But what I know for sure is that Logbar gathers data from people who want to buy the translator through their website … data such as your name or address that can be used against you. Better be safe than sorry.

Ring – smart, solution that didn’t meet the expectations

Logbar’s reputation is even more doubtful after a similar scheme in 2013 when they raised over $880,000 from 5,161 people for “Ring” through crowdfunding portal Kickstarter to promote a product that didn’t exist. Ring also got an innovation award at CES and a number of customers actually received the end product. The reviews hold no illusions. Ring wasn’t what was expected.

Hype about a non-existent product

I`m not saying that every startup is doomed to fail because it is run by swindlers. Sometimes it’s a great way to make dreams come true. However, the examples clearly show that good marketing can easily mislead thousands of people looking for an innovative solution.

The world produces hundreds of innovative products everyday designed to serve human beings and improve their lives. Some never come to fruition, while some become indispensable. A lot of them are simply a swindle. So it’s worth analyzing the market and the producer before you invest in something that will either work differently to what you expect or will never even be produced!

All in all, if you’re looking for an electronic translator out of a science fiction movie, you should check the existing offer before you invest in the kinds of products mentioned in this blog. Perhaps some of them will be suitable for and satisfy your needs? My advice is to keep an eye on the market, read reviews and check the top 10 lists before parting with your money.

I hope that my articles will help you make the best choice!

Jimmy J. Draper http://voice-translator-review.com jimmy.j.draper@gmail.com

Changes and new trends in the 2017 Electronic Translator market

Do you also have a feeling that from year to year, there are products of technology that you`ve seen somewhere before? More precisely, I mean - you`ve seen them in science fiction films?

Babel fish - ear translator and interpreter, can it already be available this year?

Is it this year that we will see a proper release of the anticipated by many devices for translating? Everything seems to indicate so. The technology, which is designed to enable communication between two people who speak different languages ​​and in real time is at hand.

Announced pompously in the summer of 2016, the premiere of illi did not come to fruition. Maybe this year the company will surprise us and we will be able to ask a girl for a kiss who does not speak our language using a small gadget attached to our neck? The ili advertising campaign of 2016 seemed very promising.

Another novelty in the market of electronic translators may turn out to be a small earpiece called Pilot. Its modernistic appearance looks a bit like a small fish from the novel The Hitchhiker`s Guide to the Galaxy. The task of the earpiece is to translate in real-time during a conversation between two people who do not speak the same language. Here again we have a rather interesting and romantic advert about love beyond borders. The premiere of the device is planned for May 2017 but so far the manufacturer has only managed to collect money from potential customers.

According to unofficial information obtained from Vasco Electronics, we learned that they too, are planning to launch a device with an earpiece, which will allow two people or even more to communicate in different languages with each other. The manufacturer announces its premiere of the device as early as May of this year. So we see here a real arms race between companies specializing in the production of electronic translators. Which one will be the best and succeed in releasing their translating device on the market quickly and efficiently? Or maybe someone else will surprise us?

For a real simultaneity of these devices we will most likely have to wait a few more years, but the present form of translation speed is very impressive!

How to choose an electronic translator

First of all, ask yourself a question: Why do I need an electronic translator?
The question of purpose is an essential one.
An electronic translator is a portable, easy to work with device that possesses all the written and spoken tools to aid in the learning of a foreign language or in travel to a foreign country. Choosing an electronic translator can be a difficult process. It is important to keep in mind the intended use of the translator when coming to a decision. Secondly, you need to decide what languages are spoken in the destination you’re going to or what language your business partner’s use. Many a traveller have wondered if the Swiss language really exists or how many cases Brazilian has. And that’s not a joke! Please check Wikipedia before your flight, then you will know if you need an electronic translator that speaks Mandarin or Cantonese, Khmer or Malayalam. Nonetheless, the most popular languages are, of course, English, Spanish, French and German. These you will find in almost all of the translators. More European and a couple of Asian languages are installed with the Vasco Translator and Vasco Traveler, these translators are perfect at communication. At the time of choosing an electronic translator it is important to keep in mind the intended use of the device. Whether you are going to use it only for learning a new language, for personal use or for an aid while travelling. All these factors come into play when choosing the device that is right for you. If you are planning to travel abroad and leave the safety of your home country than the Vasco Traveler Premium would be the perfect choice as it is equipped with a GPS, currency converter and many other important applications that will come in handy while traveling to a foreign country. It is important to review all the options provided by each translator and then to choose the one that will be perfect for your needs. If your intended use of the translator is just to learn a new language than it is important to determine the variables that are required in learning the specific foreign language. After determining the circumstances under which you will be learning a new language and being completely sure what tools you will be needing for your learning process, it is certain that you will be able to find an electronic translator that includes all the features that are needed for your development in that language.

Why is the Vasco Translator a good choice for learning a foreign language?

Learning a foreign language enables you to change your travelling experience, to improve employability, to study abroad, to gain knowledge of a new culture and even to make new friends. When doing so whether it is for personal or professional gain it is aimed to learn each part of the foreign language including grammar and vocabulary, as well as its correct use in sentences.
The Vasco Translator Premium is an excellent choice when learning a foreign language since such an activity is aimed to fully capture a language’s correct spelling as well as its correct pronunciation and use in conversation. The Vasco Translator Premium provides all of this. With a great amount of ease this translator enables the user to access the translation tools required to learn a foreign language. The biggest problem when learning a foreign language is the need to find a tool that provides an application for the user to listen and capture the correct form of pronunciation and spelling in the desired language. When using this translator the biggest problem becomes the smallest since the Vasco Translator Premium enables the user to engage in conversation utilizing the correct pronunciation and spelling. Simply choose the language of choice and speak into the translator in your native tongue. This translator contains a tool that allows the user to correctly hear back the pronunciation and see the spelling of each word in the desired language, making it easier for the user to gain fluency in the language he/she is learning. This characteristic can take years to acquire but is made a lot easier with the Vasco Translator Premium.

A situation when the Vasco Traveler Premium will come in handy while travelling.

Travelling abroad can bring on some difficult situations. It is always good to have at least one tool that you know will definitely help solve your emergency problems. In case of travelling to a foreign country whether you do or don’t have the capacity to speak fluently in the country’s language if aided by the Vasco Traveler Premium you can probably find an easy solution to every problem. The Vasco Traveler Premium possesses tools such as GPS, guidebooks, emergency numbers and embassies, pill reminder and currency converter. Tools that a traveler should not be without. If you travel to a country with a different time zone and need to take medication at a given time than this is a device that you should not be without. The Vasco Traveler Premium enables the user to schedule medication intake reminders. In another situation, for example, when needing to find a place or find a way back to a hotel when you can’t understand the directions given to you by a native the Vasco Traveler Premium can help you find your way back using its GPS and guidebooks. It will send you in the right way. It’s difficult to get accustomed to a new currency right away, so when purchasing goods in a foreign place with a currency difference it can be tricky for someone to understand what the exact amount of money they’re paying for something is. Since the Vasco Traveler Premium possesses a currency converter this problem is easily solved. Simply input the price of sale, choose the currency conversion and the exchange rate is presented to you in real time. The most important feature that the Vasco Traveler Premium possesses is possibly the emergency numbers function. Being put in an uncomfortable situation while travelling can happen to anyone. Having access to emergency numbers in a given country is very important. The Vasco Traveler Premium has emergency numbers programmed in the device. Simply choose the country and the department or agency you want to reach and call for help. The SOS function is also a very important tool. If faced with an emergency, you can simply send an SOS message to a family member for help. This device is definitely one that a traveler should not be without.